A handy little idea!

28 Jan

So, I got this idea from Pinterest, as always, and thought it was cool to share.  I wouldn’t really call it an “emergency” kit, but it’s a good kit to store in the car, nonetheless.  For me, being a model, it makes life easier because I’m not hauling all of this around in my purse everywhere and everything is just within reach when I need it.  It’s also a good idea because you can personalize it to fit your needs, especially if you have kiddos with you in the car.

I bought this cheap little train case at Wal-Mart…


…and I filled it with the following items:


baby wipes

makeup remover wipes


hard candy



hand sanitizer



a tide-to-go pen

a manicure kit




Those are just the items I would need on a regular basis, but like I said you can personalize it however you see fit…AND it fits perfectly under your seat so you can get to it quickly!

I love things like this that make life a little bit easier on the go…because I definitely feel like I live in my car sometimes 🙂 Hope everyone found this handy!



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